Guilherme; 1,83m; 19; nerd; Ravenpuff; Gay; Aquarius; INTJ.
I live in Campinas, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil.
I'm on my first year of chemistry in UNICAMP.
I usually just reblog fandom stuff, gay stuff, etc....
More about my personality, just read the "Aquarius" tag of my blog...

Oh, by the way, if you like gay porn, you should check my likes... >> my likes
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There’s this asshole who every time he sees me with my ukulele he thinks he’s funny and asks “Can you play any Metallica?” but the joke is now on him because I just learned how to play the intro riff to Master of Puppets.

I did it. I fucking did it. He asked me again just like I knew he would and I stared him straight in the eyes without blinking and just fucking shredded on my ukulele